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SF Bay Area Real Estate is Due For Correction

SF Bay Area Real Estate is in bubble territory, and the prices have run up very rapidly on the back of very few transactions. This is typically the case near market tops, and the attached prices charts of Santa Clara county and San Mateo county confirm this unstable rise. Average Home prices in these counties, and across SF Bay Area are ripe for a correction because current prices are unstable. Looking at the chart gradient, these home prices can correct 20-30% by Dec 2016.  Its important to note that once the Nasdaq index starts correcting, the purchasing power of SF Bay Area buyers, via their tech stocks and stock options, will come down rapidly. A lot of sellers who have become greedy of late will rush to sell once prices come down a bit, and as buyers back off to wait and rethink, the sellers will compete to sell because each of them is sitting on good gains, and the market should turn into a buyers market by Dec 2016. Buyers should avoid any buying of SF Bay Area real estate for the next 5-6 quarters. Buyers must avoid buying in the currently overheated market as lower prices are sure to come. Sellers are standing on thin ice and the prevailing high prices may drop rapidly once the correction starts. Unlike financial markets, we can’t short sell real estate, but this is a good candidate to sell and step aside. Thanks, Shankar



San Mateo County, CA

San Mateo County is located between San Francisco and Santa Clara counties. It has some of the most scenic and varied geography in the United States including Redwood Tree forests, farmlands, tidal marshes, rolling hills, creeks and beaches. The county is the 14th most populated in California. Redwood City serves as the county seat, and is home to one of the most prestigious cities in the nation – Atherton. While Atherton has been home to celebrities including Ty Cobb, Willie Mays, Charles Schwab and Shirley Temple, San Mateo is the largest city in the county. Some of the biggest companies in the world are based here including Oracle, and Facebook, and some of the top venture capital firms in the SF Bay Area. The San Francisco International Airport is geographically located in San Mateo County. In addition, San Mateo offers a variety of leisure activities for all walks of life. Camping, museums, golf courses, beaches, parks and wineries are just some of the many activities found within the county limits.