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Business Strategy – Year 2016

As we come to close of year 2015, you are probably busy with holiday dinners and gifts. While these are obvious year end considerations, you should also be reviewing your business strategy for 2016.

Business Strategy – 2015
Whether your fiscal year ends in December or doesn’t, the year end is always a good time to take stock of how things went in 2015. While the old saying is “time flies”, it is particularly true for businesses. Business owners tend to be fixated on 2-3 month time periods. As a result, they can fail to see developments over longer periods of time.

After you have taken care of all your holiday gift purchases, you should have some down time in the last 2 weeks of the month. Business tends to slow down as people deal with the holidays, travel to see family and so on. This is the perfect time to sit back and consider the business year. Specifically, you should focus on where your business was in January 2015. What were your goals at that time? Did you meet them during the year? If not, why? You will almost always be surprised when you realize how the business developed over the last year. This global view can give you a better perspective and evaluation of how things are going. Continue reading Business Strategy – Year 2016

Local Marketing Lesson4: Build your Business with Local Networking Events

Do you network? Recently we talked about sponsoring local networking events and all that entails. However, there is a simpler way. It’s a good way to test the waters and see how active local networking groups are. We’re talking about attending local networking events to build connections in your community. Because you know what networking is and you probably know how it works, rather than talk about this concept as a strategy, let’s instead explore some tips to make networking work for you as a way to build local connections.

1. Find a group that makes sense. Check out your local Meetup groups and search online for local networking groups and events. You’ll likely find a dozen or more in your community. Review the types of professionals that connect in the group. For example, is it a group for technology pros or a group for sales professionals? There are networking groups that are quite specific, for example “Women in technology,” and there are groups that are more general and almost anyone can join. Your group also needs to match your audience. Continue reading Local Marketing Lesson4: Build your Business with Local Networking Events

JMD Projects

Welcome to JMD Projects. We have a background in business and finance. Since our start in the year 2006, we have worked with 100+ businesses and websites across industries, and we have gained expertise in online marketing, business development, joint ventures.

We have gained valuable insights on how to promote a business to any targeted group of people, and how to build a brand online. These essential marketing projects will cost a lot if have to you do them with Mainstream media like Newspapers and TV. Social Media can get high quality results with much less budget.

Our aim is to help you get better business results with lower costs. The Internet Makes It Possible. We have built a comprehensive framework for online business growth that we have used for our own ventures, and we share it with our clients and partners. Continue reading JMD Projects