usanet-website-teamAll businesses based in USA, regardless of industry or size, can benefit from the Internet skills and Online marketing experience of our team. Following are the services used regularly by customers. When executed in parallel, these services can help in rapid business growth. Please contact us to get started.

(1) Business Pages — Our website is on track to get 1 million visitors in 2017. The visitors come from across USA and other countries, from Google and social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin. Every business in the USA can benefit from having a business page on our website. We have 4 types of business pages. See this page for details:

(2) Advertise on our Website — there are many possibilities depending on your industry and location. This is an easy and effective way to benefit from our website, which is likely to get over 1 million visitors this year. Get started today from just $67 per year. Please see this page for  details:

(3) Business Development — we can be your sales agent or marketing partner, and we can take your products and services to 5000+ business customers in our network, depending on your industry and location. For B2C models, we can reach about 100 million people via social media. This service involves creation of your business page on our website, which will be shared with potential customers via online marketing using Press Releases, Twitter, Facebook, Google+.  This service is especially useful for small businesses and technology companies. The service includes a nominal set-up fee ($100) and a predefined commission per lead/inquiry. You will be paying only for leads that come via inquiry form. Please contact us by email with a summary of your business, and we can discuss over a telecon, and give our proposal to you. Thanks.

(4) Online Press Release Distribution — very useful to increase visibility of your new products/services and improve brand image in general. Every business must aim for one press release per quarter, covering some business specific updates or sharing some whitepaper or report. Need to go out and make yourself visible. And our team has expertise in this area to help you. You will have to give us a ready-to-go press release. Contact us for good press release samples. We will happy to help your business get maximum visibility through our online press release distribution service.
Fixed Fee: $25 per press release distribution.  Timeframe: 3 working days.  A report will be shared with you on completion. If you want us to  write the press release, then the fee is $95 for press release writing plus distribution.

(5) Whitepaper Creation & Distribution — sharing information and knowledge is the best way to tell others that it will be worthwhile dealing you.  We can create an informative and well structured whitepaper of 4-5 pages related to your industry with your business summary and contact information at the end — very useful strategy to improve brand image and get business leads even after several months/quarters down the line. We will also publish/distribute this whitepaper on 20-25 popular document sharing sites. This service can benefit all professionals like Accountants, Financial Advisers, Lawyers, Consultants, Contractors, Insurance Brokers, Real Estate Agents, Import/Export/Trading companies, etc. We will send you a questionnaire to obtain necessary information for the white paper and then apply our market research to create a final document that will be seen valuable by  your customers, partners, and investors. This while paper will surely help your business in getting a better image with customers and it will bring  you leads over multiple quarters.
Fixed Fee: $395 for whitepaper creation plus extensive distribution in social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin), document sharing sites (Scribd, Slideshare). Timeframe: 10 working days.

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