New Year Resolutions 2019


As we start the New Year 2019, everybody has plans and thoughts for the new years. Something can be improved, some new things can be done, some bad habits should go away, some good habits should come in, and everyone wants more health, happiness and love in the new year.

Some people will aim to change their jobs this year, some people will aim to start their own business, some peole will aim to take a long vacation this year, and some people will aim to start or restart their family.

The family is the fundamental/foundation unit of the society, and its worth aiming for a happy family this new year. No family is perfect, and every family can aim to do better in this new year. If some family feels they are perfect, then that family needs to be extra cautious to ensure they are not chasing unrealistic goals.

Single mom and her children as a happy family

We have all kinds of families in our society today, nuclear families, joint families, and children with single parents. Divorce rates are running all time high, with nearly 50% divorce rates in the US, and western European countries like UK, France, Germany. This means families are breaking up at an alarmingly high rate. But there must be hope for people who are separating from their partners, in order to find a new partner, and the partner search process is complex once you have kids, school, jobs, as part of the constraints, or deciding factors.

Each person and family will take its own path this new year, some families will add new children, some families will add new parents, and some families will break up. In all situations, the children involved should be protected and nurtured carefully. They are no responsible for any of the decisions made by the adults.


Each person will try to find love and happiness in their own way. Some will be very flexible, and some will be rigid, and that’s just human nature. These are matters of the heart, ans we are nobody to judge other people. Thanks to the Internet it is possible today to connect with like minded people living in far away locations, sometimes, even far away countries!

Wishing you happiness this year with your family. And wishing you success in your new job and new projects. If you want to share your views and thoughts, you are welcome to add your comments below, or send email to:

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