Local Marketing Lesson1: How to Educate and Connect with Local Business?

Have you ever thought about being a teacher? Yes, Teaching – whether it’s through a seminar, a workshop, or a continuing education class – can be an ideal way to build your business. You’ll meet new people in each community where you teach. The relationships that you start with your audience, and students, will be based on credibility, authority, and trust.

Many communities offer opportunities for business professionals to teach. You might connect with local community centers in your city, county or state and offer free weekend workshops or seminars. This is a great way to attract a new audience and build a relationship that begins with authority and credibility.

You can also teach at local community colleges or continuing education centers. Before you start hunting down teaching opportunities, though, consider what you’ll teach and who your audience will be.

Ideally, the audience for your class is also the audience for your business products or services. To attract them to your information and to make sure they walk away satisfied, you have to teach them something of value. Here are a few examples:

* A marketing service could offer a weekend seminar on social media usage/advertising for small business owners
* A graphic designer could offer a course on website design
* An information marketer in the parenting niche could conduct a night class on homeschooling
* A shoe retailer could offer a class on a proper running form and allow shoe demonstrations

Regardless of your audience and your business model, there are opportunities to educate and connect. Brainstorm the possibilities and then look for opportunities within your community. If you can’t find any openings, create them yourself. You can rent a room at a local hotel or banquet center, advertise the event and start building relationships in your community.

Next time we’ll talk about getting involved in local networking opportunities.

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