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JMD Projects

Welcome to JMD Projects. We have a background in business and finance. Since our start in the year 2006, we have worked with 100+ businesses and websites across industries, and we have gained expertise in online marketing, business development, joint ventures.

We have gained valuable insights on how to promote a business to any targeted group of people, and how to build a brand online. These essential marketing projects will cost a lot if have to you do them with Mainstream media like Newspapers and TV. Social Media can get high quality results with much less budget.

Our aim is to help you get better business results with lower costs. The Internet Makes It Possible. We have built a comprehensive framework for online business growth that we have used for our own ventures, and we share it with our clients and partners. Continue reading JMD Projects

Nasdaq ETF (QQQ)- Best Long Term Investment


The NASDAQ ETF (QQQ) is the best Long Term Investment till the Year 2050. We are in the technology century and the Nasdaq will continue to move ahead, with frequent changes in its components, which most investors can’t keep pace with, and don’t need to. Let the NASDAQ index managers do the work, and hold the NASDAQ ETF (QQQ) for the long term and make sure to buy on large corrections like the one we saw in year 2008. Technology companies will continue to create wealth for investors and will maintaining good valuations despite occasional glitches. We could see this ETF going to $1000 per share from its current $100 per share in the coming 15-20 years. So if you see this ETF at $50-65 level during any major market correction, just buy and hold. The ETF offers a safe long term investment.

10 Ways to Promote Your Business with Low Budget

#1: Get Social:
Social media can be used to share pictures, videos and even audio that you can in as many ways as you can. This is what people look for and want. Plus, they are most likely to pass it on to others, too.

#2: Keep Optimized:
Be sure to keep your blogs and websites optimized so that search engines find you. It is important to do this, but it is also very easy to do. There are no over the top keyword rules you have to follow anymore.

#3: Be Part Of The Community:
The more you interact with the Internet community, the more people that know you and the more that visit your website. This translates into a better bottom line.

#4: Be An Expert And Share Your Knowledge:
You have to know your product so you can talk about it. Check out how you can use website services like to communicate with others. With your knowledge base, you will do well here. Continue reading 10 Ways to Promote Your Business with Low Budget