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Brave Americans Save The Day in France

US Air Force serviceman Spencer Stone departs the Clinique Lille Sud, which specializes in hand injuries, in Lesquin, France. Photo: Reuters.
Spencer Stone, a member of the US Air Force, charged at the gunman. He sustained knife wounds to his hand and neck but has now been released from the hospital. Despite his injuries, he helped another passenger who had been shot. Witnesses credited him with saving the man’s life. His childhood friends and travel companions Alek Skarlatos, a US Army soldier, and Anthony Sadler, a university student, helped wrestle the man to the ground. Chris Norman, a British consultant, helped the men tie up the terrorist. President Barack Obama phoned the three Americans to thank them on behalf of the American people for their heroism. Continue reading Brave Americans Save The Day in France

Whitewater Rafting in Oregon

For whitewater rafting in the Pacific Northwest, Oregon is an enthusiasts dream. The rivers available only short drives from the major cities provide beginners and experts, alike, with an exciting and fun challenge for half, one, and two day trips. For those who want a longer, more impressive experience, Oregon also offers some of the best four and five day river trips anywhere.

The Umpqua River is, simply put, a dream! Flowing North of Crate Lake, the Umpqua River has Class III and IV rapids and flows through some of the most beautiful surroundings in the Pacific Northwest. The Umpqua has exceptional pool-and-drop rapids and has more rapids per mile than any other Oregon river.

The Mackenzie River, specifically the Lower Mackenzie, is perfect for beginners and families. Usually run as a full day, the river alternates long, tranquil and relaxing stretches through beautiful country with spicy, exciting Class II (easiest) and Class III (moderately challenging) rapids. Continue reading Whitewater Rafting in Oregon

Pacific Northwest Hiking Preparation for Oregon Outdoors

Hiking is one of Pacific Northwest outdoor enthusiasts favorite activities. Oregon and SW Washington offer an incredible variety of forests, parks and national monuments ready for exploration and appreciation. Hikers should not be taken by surprise in this incredible area of the country however. Forest, coastal lands and cave hiking all present unique challenges to any hiker. The Pacific Northwest can prove to be dangerous if hikers are unprepared.

Forest Trail Hiking
The Northwest’s forest trails are ideal hiking destinations because the scenery and beauty are unmatched by any other location. These trails wind through lush pine and fir tree wooded areas, tranquil open meadows, and creek and river crossed landscapes. The native wildlife – beavers, foxes, deer, elk, songbirds, squirrels make it an ideal place for nature watchers. Oregon and Washington have very well maintained trailways and they take pride in their stewardship of the forests here. However, hikers should still be prepared for the unexpected in these areas.

The most important item to pack on any hiking trip, especially in the summer months, is water. Food is a close second. Emergency lights and signals are essential for all hikers. Traditional roadside flares or signal lights are not an option in the Northwest wilderness as likelihood of starting an unintentional fire is very high. LED emergency light is small, lightweight, affordable, and high-quality light that can be used as a distress signal as well as a flashlight. Continue reading Pacific Northwest Hiking Preparation for Oregon Outdoors