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Donald Trump is now President USA

Donald Trump has won the election is a fairly clear way, but it was a close election with nearly same 48% of nationwide votes for each candidate, but the way electoral seats are setup in USA, Trump won with a wide margin over Hillary Clinton, who could not galvanize people in the same way Trump did on his side.

Donald Trump is now 45th President of USA.

It is clear that people have voted for change at any cost.  Its the same theme as in Brexit in the UK, where majority of people outside London and in interior counties voted for Brexit and change of status quo irrespective of economic impact.

Trump has sold hope to millions of people across America, especially to those people who are struggling, and we can only hope that some of those hopes sold during election speeches come true.



Vote for Hillary Clinton

Update: Nov 9, 2016 — Hillary Clinton has lost the election to Donald Trump, but it was a close election with nearly same 48% of votes for each candidate but the way electoral seats are setup, Trump won with a wide margin. It is clear that people have voted for change at any cost. The post below can go into the bin. Thanks.

Hi, I have seen a few major elections but never felt so strongly about rejecting one candidate. In this case, we must reject Donald Trump and unmask his real facts and abusive behavior towards so many people he has been with.

Trump has said things like: “I will make all your dreams come true”.  during his  election speeches, and he is selling hope to unhappy people. Bbut going by the public mood, it looks like a lot of unhappy people are willing to give it a shot, and that is the risk.

Why should you vote for Hillary Clinton? Because she has got the vote of 4 verycapable people of our times. They are: Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerburg, George Soros.

Each of these 4 people are among the most intelligent of our times, and they have made billions of dollars with their brains, and then  donated most of their wealth to charity. These people are very rare. They are the wise men of our times, and they have rejected Trump.

Hillary Clinton has worked hard all her life and she is a strong woman, and she has seen the difficulties of small and mid size businesses first hand. So her policies will help the US economy and create jobs.

And if you know Michelle Obama, she doesn’t need to please anybody in this world, and doesn’t need favors from anybody.  She has also come out and and supported Hillary. It means a lot.

USA will be a better place with Hillary Clinton as the leader. Don’t let an abusive and opportunist like Trump walk into the White House, and create grief for millions of people in America and abroad.

Please go vote for Hillary Clinton. Thank you.

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