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California Wine

Most of the American Wines are mass-produced general wine; often having the brand name of the region where these are produced. Did you know? About 90 percent of American wines are produced in California region? The cool areas like Napa Valley, Sonoma County etc are the major wine producing regions. The most prestigious wine brand – Zinfandel is produced exclusively in California. This wine is almost equal to any classic European wine. The high end California wines are comparable to good French wines in their alcoholic contents, aroma and flavor. The

Another ancient California Wine is Angelica; it is originated by a European Variety brought to California in 18th century by the Spanish visitors. The admirers of California Wine are spread around the World. It is not always possible for the Wine-lovers or for the Wine-collectors to visit California and buy its Wine. They can buy it online via the websites dealing with online wine transactions. Continue reading California Wine

Belmont Park in San Diego

Located in sunny San Diego, the Belmont Park is one of the best amusement parks in San Diego. With plenty for the entire family, this Park has something for everyone. With rides for the entire family and basically everything in between, Belmont Park makes for a very exciting adventure.

The most distinctive attraction in the Park is the Giant Dipper Roller Coaster. The coaster was built in 1925 and has been restored over the years. This coaster is truly one of a kind, as it offers quick drops, steep hills, and insane speed!

Belmont Park in San Diego also offers the endless wave, which is perfect for wave riders. The Flowrider offers hourly rides, even lessons for beginners. If waves aren’t your thing, you may find the raceway bumper cars or the Chaos enticing. Chaos resembles a ferris wheel, although it creates a random three dimensional rocking and rolling. Anytime you get on it, no two rides are ever the same! Continue reading Belmont Park in San Diego

San Diego Harbor Bay Tour

As vast as the San Diego harbor is, a simple walk around it doesn’t do it justice. To partake in the beauty that is San Diego Harbor, you need to take a tour of the bay. San Diego Harbor Excursion can
help you do that, as they are the most established tour company throughout the bay.

As a guest, they will treat you with as one of them, helping to bring your cruise to life. There are  a few parts to the tour, ensuring that you get the most out of your time on the cruise. Continue reading San Diego Harbor Bay Tour