Get Noticed. Reach New Customers. Drive More Sales.

We can put your business in front of both global and local audience. We are on track to receive about 1 million visitors by Dec 2017.

There are 2 options:

(1) Sitewide Sidebar Ad.  Gets you maximum visibility and maximum benefit from all the online marketing work we are doing to promote our website. We will also include your ad in our social media posts once every month (12 times per year) to increase exposure. Fee: $985 for 1 year.

(2) In-page Ad: In this case, your Ad will be placed in articles related to your business/industry/city to make it most relevant to the audience. Pages having ads will get extra online marketing at our end. We may also create a new page with informative content, in order to place your ad. We expect that each ad can be seen by 5,000 visitors during the year. Fee: $65 for 1 year. Please see details below. Thanks.

Ads will be text with hyperlinks, which are non-obtrusive and appreciated by our website audience. Here’s a Sample Ad included within the body of this page, to give an idea of how our ads would appear.
Buy Atlanta Property from $25K
Land Lots from $25K, Studio Flats from $65K
We Help You Buy, Sell, Rent & Manage It.
Call Jesse: (770) 123-4567

Ads will be placed manually in the middle of the articles with clear demarcation, as shown above. Phone number is optional, though it really helps to give a phone number for people to call you right from the place of seeing the advert.

Such manually placed text ads will not be (can not be) blocked by any ad blocking software used by many people in their browsers and smartphones, because there is no separate script involved in displaying the ads. So the extra effort we make in placing ads manually helps our customers by showing the ad to maximum number of people.

Ad capacity:  We will have max 4 ads on a page, and in case of more than one ad on a page, we will rotate the ads every month, so that all ads on the page get equal exposure over the one year period.

In-page Ad pricing: $65 per ad, per page, per year. Order 5 ads, and get 1 ad free (20% bonus).

Please Note:

  • Ad pricing will increase significantly after our website crosses 1 million visitors, which is likely during 2017.
  • Ad payments go towards adding new content on the website, and social media marketing, which brings more visitors.
  • Our initial 200 customers will play a big role in the success of this website, and we will always strive to give them best possible deals, and we will do our best to bring maximum exposure to their businesses through our work. As of now, you can be among them.

For any questions or comments, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!

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